JT The Brick

What Will Happen When Le'Veon Bell Shows Up?
POP Looney: Burt Reynolds, Academy Awards & Hard Knocks
JT's Monologue: Football is Back, Mike Tomlin & Tiger Watch!
POP Looney: Matt Barnes, TNF, Roseanne, Freddie Mercury
JT And Looney Make Their Picks For Super Bowl LIII
JT's Monologue: Le'Veon Bell's Holdout, Shohei Ohtani
Which Side Will Win The Debate?
JT's Monologue: Khalil Mack Trade
POP Looney: Eminem, Neil Young & Eddie Murphy
Khalil Mack: When You're Under Contract, Go to Work!
JT's Monologue: The Rams Back-Up the Brinks Truck for Aaron Donald
POP Looney: John McCain, Larry Fitzgerald, & Conor McGregor


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