Colin Kaepernick Settlement Doesn't Make Sense of Who Really Won

The Colin Kaepernick settlement finally happened but it's only left everyone with more questions than answers. Most times with things like this, it's hard to figure out who really won. One assumption is that Kaepernick won because if he got paid out, it's because of his case being valid enough for the NFL to sweep this under the rug. The other side is that Kaepernick has sold out his cause by accepting the money and not allowing this to go to trial in order to really open this case up to the world.

Dan Patrick shares his takeaway from the settlement:

I do think the information eventually gets out of what he got. Can you imagine if he only got 5 million dollars and a donation to his charity? What are people gonna think then about this...The viewpoint is that Kaepernick won. One of my sources said: 'No he didn't win. You would have won if you'd have gone after the NFL to prove that your crusade and cause is to go after the NFL instead of just settling.'
I said, 'well, if you can still get 60 to 70 million dollars'...(that's a win) but I was told it's not 60 to 70 million dollars...but I think people are really gonna be surprised when that final number comes out.

The discussion continues with the rest of the Dannettes. One of them say the settlement is a win for Kaep but Dan thinks the amount of money and whether or not Kaep plays again will tell a different story about the true winner or loser of the case.

Watch the full discussion:

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