Rams Signing Gives Blake Bortles A Chance To Rehab His Career

The other day, Blake Bortles agreed to sign a one-year deal with the LA Rams. Rams now bolster their quarterback line-up with experience, but in truth, this move was made to help Bortles more than help the Rams. Sure there was a glimmer where Bortles played adequately enough for Jaguars to pay him some decent cash but those days are behind him. We're not sure if Jaguars got an upgrade but Nick Foles has a Superbowl and Bortles has a new uniform.

Ben Maller explains how this is an excellent opportunity for Bortles to rehab his career. Bortles gets to work with one of the best and brightest in Sean McVay who has demonstrated success and turned Jared Goff into a player capable of leading Rams on a huge win streak last season as well as all the way to the Super Bowl. Maller details how this could be similar to drug rehab for addicts and put together a 12-Step Program to bring Bortles back to form.

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