Is Giannis Really the Type of Player You Want to Build Your Team Around?

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss the Milwaukee Bucks freefall in the Eastern Conference Finals that has seen the East’s top seed lose the last three games to the Toronto Raptors, including a Game 5 that yanked home court away from the #1 seed.

Colin wants to go back to an anonymous GM poll The Athletic ran earlier this year that asked the biggest executives across the league which players they would most want to build their franchise around. Giannis, Anthony Davis, and Joel Embiid were one, two, and three.

Check out the audio below as Colin wonders how three guys who can’t handle the ball or shoot can be so coveted this day in age, when this ECF series is proving how these types of players can be neutralized, with an all-around player like Kawhi Leonard completely outplaying an overwhelmed Giannis who seems like a one-trick pony at this point.


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