Even If Just For Just a Day, Tiger Woods UNITED the Entire Country

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why Tiger Woods’s victory at the Masters was the most remarkable comeback in sports history, but not just because Woods rose from the ashes of irrelevance to re-surface the summit of the golf world.

Colin says Tiger has amazingly established this unique ability to be beloved by the American public even though he’s lived a life that would normally incite quite the opposite reaction.

Check out the audio below as Colin talks about how far fetched Sunday was when you really think about the impact Woods orchestrated in uniting the country to nearly unanimously root for him on Sunday when he has so displayed so many classic characteristics of an individual who should probably be despised.

Whether it's his infamous infidelities, his lukewarm relationship with the press, his token indifference with fans, or his overall stench of superiority, we SHOULDN'T like Tiger... But yet on Sunday tens of millions of Americans tuned into the Masters to pull for a guy who they considered one of their own... Flawed, humbled, vulnerable, and in search of REDEMPTION. And boy did the magnificent champion deliver.


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