Bear Eats Man Who Overdosed on Meth in Smoky Mountains


On this episode of The Animal Thunderdome, Clay wonders if there’s anything more chilling than a methed-out bear wandering around the forest, as this unlucky Tennessee man had one of the worst cases of ‘insult to injury’ in the history of aphorisms.

The body of 30-year-old man was originally spotted in the Smoky Mountains State Park being consumed by a black bear who was thought to have killed the man, but it was later revealed the victim had already over-dosed on methamphetamines by the time the bear got to him.

Also on The Animal Thunderdome, a man chokes out a mountain lion who was stalking him while running on a trail in Colorado, leading Clay to give the humans the rare ‘W’ in their ongoing boat race against Mountain Lions.

Check out their terrifying audio below!


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