Why It's Difficult for a Dual-Star Athlete to Consider Baseball


As Heisman trophy winner Kyler Murray continues to flirt with the idea of entering the NFL Draft and spurning the forlorn Oakland Athletics, Clay Travis thinks the preemptive idea to choose a non-contact sport like baseball over a collision sport like football simply because of long-term implications isn’t one that a once-in-a-generational talent like Murray should be seriously considering.

Clay believes if Murray is indeed being coveted as a first-round pick by NFL teams, then the Oklahoma superstar should absolutely stick with football and enjoy the spoils of first-round pick money that is far more rewarding than that of Major League Baseball.

Listen to the audio below as Clay says the path to success in baseball is often a pernicious one, with players having to go nearly half their careers without getting the money they really deserve, and also dishes on how a starting NFL quarterback is one of the best careers in sports.


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